Two billion euros stuck in the coffers of the Sicilian Region, Schifani’s anger at managers: “Release them or I’ll remove you”

In short, the article explains that about 2 billion euros are currently blocked in the Region’s coffers, funds that should have been paid to businesses, employees, and other categories by the end of last December. These funds are now stuck in complex accounting procedures, prompting the President of the Region Renato Schifani to issue an ultimatum to general managers threatening to revoke their positions if they do not manage to recover the delays quickly. Schifani has given a week to the heads of the Energy, Territory and Environment, and Infrastructure departments to complete the reassessment of active residues by May 3rd, warning that their failure to do so may result in their removal from their positions.

Due miliardi fermi nelle casse della Regione Siciliana, l’ira di Schifani sui dirigenti: «Sbloccateli o vi rimuovo»

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