Two arrested in Trapani for posing as a police officer and lawyer, asking for money for a fake road accident

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At first, a phone call from a fake carabinieri to warn that a family member had been in an accident. Then a fake lawyer who went directly to the house to collect money and valuable items to resolve the dispute. A scam meticulously studied especially to target elderly people. Thus, two criminals from Campania, aged 49 and 20, have been arrested by the carabinieri of the provincial command in Trapani. The script applied in several cases was always the same. The accident, the family member involved and detained at a barracks and the request for money to release him and close the matter.

In some cases, faced with the unavailability of the money sum, the victim was asked to hand over their ATM card, along with the PIN code. According to what the carabinieri discovered, the two criminals would have impressed two elderly people in their eighties in Trapani, getting them to hand over 1,470 euros first and then another 7,500 euros that the elderly man had meanwhile withdrawn from the bank. They also scammed an 89-year-old woman in Alcamo, getting her to hand over jewelry and valuables worth 15,000 euros. The two, arrested in the act, have been imprisoned in the Trapani prison.

Si fingono carabiniere e avvocato e chiedono soldi per un falso incidente stradale, due arresti a Trapani

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