Tunisian man reported in Ragusa: found with a switchblade

The extraordinary territorial control services and “High Impact” checks continue without interruption, set up by the police chief of the province of Ragusa Vincenzo Trombadore with the collaboration of the provincial commands of the Carabinieri and the Guardia di Finanza, following the sector issues deepened in the Provincial Committee for public order and security.

Indeed, this month the police, Carabinieri, and Guardia di Finanza, within the operational framework prepared, have deployed an integrated and reinforced device with the additional deployment of patrols from investigative offices as well as specialized units such as the K-9 unit.

Particular attention has been given to the historic center where targeted general prevention services have been carried out with the deployment of numerous patrols aiming to ensure safety in gathering places, prevention of crimes in general, and strict compliance with the rules.

During the service, a patrol from the public prevention and safety office of the police headquarters, during a check on a Tunisian citizen, decided to proceed with a personal search, finding a lock knife. The weapon was seized and the man was reported to the competent judicial authority.

Ragusa, denunciato un tunisino: era in possesso di un coltello a serramanico

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