Trapani’s antimafia raid, a 50 thousand euro shortfall and Matteo Messina Denaro’s intervention

Francesco Todaro, a controversial figure among the seventeen people arrested in the anti-mafia operation Scialandro, is considered the leader of the Valderice organized crime family. However, he is often contested by members of the organization. In a intercepted conversation from two years ago, Vito Manzo and Giuseppe Maranzano, also arrested in the operation, criticize Todaro and deem him unfit for the role of leader. Another member, Gaetano Barone, suggests that Todaro is a troublemaker. Barone believes that Todaro skipped a step in the Cosa Nostra hierarchy and is only in his current position due to the Virga family’s influence. The investigation also reveals a missing sum of 50,000 euros, which prompted the involvement of Matteo Messina Denaro, a notorious mafia boss. Messina Denaro sent a letter requesting an explanation for the missing money. The letter, sent by Giuseppe Guttadauro, a mafia boss from Palermo, was intercepted and discussed by Manzo and Maranzano. It is mentioned that Todaro was questioned about the missing money and was physically assaulted, resulting in a broken wrist. Despite an unclear final word in the conversation, its meaning is clear to the investigators.

Il blitz antimafia di Trapani, storia di un ammanco di 50 mila euro e dell’intervento di Matteo Messina Denaro

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