Trapani residents fined 2,500 euros for littering streets

The environmental guards and local police officers stopped two people in Trapani who, after getting out of their car, abandoned waste on the street. Each of them was fined 2,500 euros. Another intervention took place in Via Verdi, an area where several instances of waste dumping had been reported: a fine of 100 euros was imposed on an individual for dumping waste without a bin.

There have been frequent checks in Paceco as well, where the municipal police continue their efforts against indiscriminate waste dumping, showing zero tolerance towards offenders. The territory checks, carried out with both mobile and fixed cameras, have led to the identification of 53 violators in recent months and subsequent fines for violations of waste disposal regulations. Mayor Aldo Grammatico made this information public, noting that, since October 10, 2023, with the enforcement of the reforms introduced by Law 137/2023, penalties for waste-related offences now have criminal implications. Anyone found guilty of waste dumping, even in small quantities, faces a fine ranging from one thousand to ten thousand euros, with the penalty doubling if hazardous waste is involved.

Trapani, abbandonano la spazzatura in strada: maxi-multa da 2.500 euro

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