Trapani prefect suspends arrested councilors Bianco and Iacono Fullone

The prefect of Trapani has suspended the president of the municipal council of Trapani, Anna Lisa Bianco, and the municipal councilor of Mazara del Vallo Giovanni Iacono Fullone following a judge’s order for house arrest in the investigation of the Trapani healthcare agency. This morning, the finance guard carried out 13 precautionary measures against 13 of the 17 suspects. Fullone, a 57-year-old businessman, is suspected of receiving information about a tender procedure for the sanitation of Trapani’s healthcare agency premises and giving seafood as a bribe to agency officials in exchange for favorable acts.

Il prefetto di Trapani sospende i due consiglieri comunali arrestati, Anna Lisa Bianco e Giovanni Iacono Fullone

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