Training in Sicily, unions: adopting shared measures for the sector

The article discusses the recent decision by the Sicilian Regional Assembly to eliminate the requirement for professional training institutions to employ full-time and permanent staff at each of their locations. The regional representatives of the Flc Cgil, Cisl Scuola, and Uil Scuola Rua unions support the need to modify this obligation due to economic reasons, but they emphasize the importance of finding a solution that balances the needs of the institutions with the rights of workers to have full-time and permanent jobs. They suggest a staff structure based on received funding and the specific courses offered. The unions call for a social pact on professional training in Sicily and urge the government to engage in dialogue with labor organizations and employers to ensure transparency and efficiency in hiring procedures.

Formazione in Sicilia, i sindacati: adottare misure condivise per il settore

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