Tragic collapse on Pagano Street in Palermo, commemorating firefighter who died 25 years ago

Today marks the XXV anniversary of the death in service of the foreman Giuseppe Siciliano, awarded the silver medal for civil valor and recognized as a “victim of duty”, who died during a rescue operation on March 11, 1999, in Palermo, due to the collapse of a building in via Pagano. In November 2017, the headquarters dedicated the Corleone branch to his memory, while the municipal administration of the capital decided to name a villa near the site of the collapse after him. This morning, a commemoration ceremony was held at the villa, attended by civil, military, and religious authorities, as well as relatives and colleagues of the deceased. The commander, along with Siciliano’s wife, the prefect of Palermo Massimo Mariani, and the deputy mayor of Palermo Fabrizio Ferrandelli, laid wreaths in front of the commemorative plaque. The ceremony ended with a commemorative speech by the commander of the Palermo fire brigade Girolamo Bentivoglio Fiandra.

Il tragico crollo in via Pagano a Palermo, ricordato il vigile del fuoco morto 25 anni fa

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