Tragedy on Palermo-Sciacca road: young mother driving with high blood alcohol level

The conditions of Miriam Janale, the 23-year-old driving the Fiat Punto that crashed into the guardrail on the night between Saturday and Sunday, June 23 on the Palermo-Sciacca road at Giacalone, are still serious. In the impact, her 16-month-old son, Abd Rahim Gharsallah, and his 20-year-old aunt, Selma El Mouakit, were killed. The two victims were in the front seat of the car and were thrown out after the violent crash. Toxicological tests carried out in the hospital confirmed the presence of an alcohol level of 1.35 micrograms per liter, while the limit is 0.50. For new drivers, the limit must be zero for the first three years. This data would confirm that the young woman had been drinking during the evening spent in Palermo. Also in the car was 20-year-old Chiara I., who is pregnant, seated in the back, who was injured but not in serious condition.

La tragedia sulla Palermo-Sciacca, la giovane mamma alla guida con un tasso alcolico ben oltre il limite di legge

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