Traffic slowed in Palermo on Lincoln Street due to pothole

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A pothole on the street has slowed down traffic today (May 19) on Lincoln Street in Palermo, in front of the Botanical Garden. A depression in the asphalt (as seen in the photo) monitored by the municipal police, after reports from some citizens and staff of the Botanical Garden who also placed a garbage bin in front of the hole to prevent a passing vehicle from falling into it. The emergency team of the Municipality was also notified to repair the damage.

The already serious situation of potholes in the city has returned to the forefront after last Thursday’s accident in which Samuele Fuschi, a 38-year-old man and father of 4, lost his life when he fell into a sinkhole with his scooter. A huge pothole that was immediately cordoned off, resulting in the narrowing of the roadway, while in recent days the teams of the Municipality are carrying out a series of interventions on the ring road, where the situation is particularly risky, but also in other streets of the capital.

Moreover, the issue of poorly maintained roads, for the Municipality of Palermo, is particularly costly. Not only for the repairs that need to be carried out but also for the many lawsuits that have been opened over the years by those who have suffered damage. Lawsuits related to cases lost by Palazzo delle Aquile have cost something like ten million euros. And a note from the city administration last December speaks of “a backlog of 452 condemnation judgments to be settled by recognizing the debt out of budget” with a total value of 6 million euros.

Buca sull’asfalto in via Lincoln a Palermo, traffico rallentato

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