Traffic nightmare returns to Palermo, on Ponte Corleone: 45 minutes to leave the city

The Corleone Bridge becomes the nightmare (never really banished) for the people of Palermo. This morning (November 10th) it took an average of 45 minutes for drivers to cover just a few kilometers leaving the city towards Catania. Trucks and cars are mixed in the classic traffic jam, with vehicles slowly moving forward and getting trapped in long lines. The roadworks have forced vehicles to divide into two separate lanes, with a restriction on heavy vehicles in the direction of Catania. The situation is expected to last until the end of November, causing a difficult exit from the city for the next twenty days. After the completion of these works, the road will be open without any restrictions starting from the new year.

Palermo, sul Ponte Corleone torna l’incubo traffico: 45 minuti per uscire dalla città

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