Tourism assessor’s warning: Anello says “Palermo’s wild west nightlife is a terrible postcard”

The images of a brawl with gunshots in the nightlife area between via Isidoro La Lumia and via Gaetano Daita in Palermo seem like something out of a western movie, but unfortunately, it’s all terribly real. This is according to Alessandro Anello, the tourism councillor for the city. He hopes that those responsible are brought to justice quickly and that law enforcement controls in the area are strengthened to ensure the safety and tranquility of both the nightclub-goers and residents. Anello also emphasizes that such wild-west scenes give the entire city a bad image, which is a poor representation for tourists.

L’allarme dell’assessore al turismo, Anello: «Il far west della movida pessima cartolina per Palermo»

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