Tired and in trouble, skier rescued on Mount Etna

A skier from Catania was rescued yesterday afternoon on Mount Etna by the Sicilian alpine and speleological rescue team. The technicians from the Etna Nord station saved the man who was in difficulty, in the summit area of Mount Etna, on the Piano Provenzana slope. The skier, exhausted and disoriented during the descent, sent a distress message through the Georesq mobile application. The app, which has been available for free download for several months on cell phones thanks to the contribution of the Ministry of Tourism, allows for quick mountain rescue operations to be activated. On March 23rd, the alpine rescue technicians had rescued an injured hiker along the Altomontana trail on the south slope of Mount Etna. The man, who had slipped on an ice slab, had an injury to his left ankle.

Stanco e in difficoltà, scialpinista soccorso sull’Etna

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