Threats to the Mayor of Termini Imerese, Maria Terranova, receive support from M5s

Maximum solidarity to Mayor Maria Terranova who, in Termini Imerese, in the province of Palermo, has suffered serious threats after asking for respect for the environment and rules in the city she administers. Maria, a courageous woman who has shown in a very short time how it is possible to govern well and revive a municipality that has been devastated by years of bad politics, has reported the threats. Senator Dolores Bevilacqua, from the 5 Star Movement, expresses her solidarity for the mayor of Termini Imerese, Maria Terranova, after learning about the threats she has received. She also assures that the movement and all the decent people who believe in her and in change stand by her. The man who verbally attacked and threatened her said, “I will come and find you and cut off your head”, after the mayor once again had enough of the garbage left by some street vendors in the city market. Bevilacqua concludes by stating that Maria is not alone and that they will go to Termini Imerese to shout it out loudly and stand by her side.

Minacce al sindaco di Termini Imerese, Maria Terranova, solidarietà dal M5s

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