Threats to mayor over seized kiosk in Salina, case closed: “They were desperate, the Municipality was unfair”

The family members of the owner of a kiosk in Salina, who were accused of violence, threats, and insults towards the mayor during the seizure of the structure, will not face charges. The judge of the Barcelona court, Silvia Maria Spina, decided to drop the case against the parents-in-law and wife of Mattia Casali, who had protested by chaining themselves. The three had confronted the mayor of Santa Marina Salina, Domenico Arabia. The legal dispute relates to the kiosk, which was seized by the municipal police in August 2022, leading to the protests and subsequent charges by the mayor. The defendants, Annamarina Iacono and Roberta Fioramonti from Santa Marina, and Ottorino Fioramonti from Rome, were represented by lawyer Rosaria Chillè. The judge justified the decision by stating that there was a clear cause-and-effect relationship between the actions of the public official and the reaction of the individuals, and that their conduct was not excessive given the perceived misconduct of the municipality. In conclusion, the judge deemed the charges to be unfounded.

Le minacce al sindaco per il chiosco sequestrato a Salina, caso archiviato: «Erano esasperati, il Comune fu scorretto»

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