Thieves in Siracusa smash car into shoe store, alarm scares them away

They used a car as a ram and smashed the window of a shoe store in downtown Syracuse. The assault took place from Vaquero, in via Gramsci, but the criminals left empty-handed: after the violent impact, the alarm went off and those who took action fled. Security guards and carabinieri arrived at the scene within minutes, along with the owner of the business who vented on social media: “The fear, the anxiety, the frustration, the anger. But do you know what the worst thing is? That when I arrived there, while the carabinieri were asking me the usual questions, the first thing I thought was that it was actually strange that it hadn’t happened to me before. This to understand the world we live in.” The military found the shattered window and conducted investigations to identify any traces of the criminals. Meanwhile, some parts of the car bodywork used were found on the ground, which is likely stolen: investigations are also ongoing on this front. Meanwhile, the cameras in the area are being examined, from which important elements could emerge to trace those who targeted the store.

Siracusa, con l’auto sfondano l’ingresso di un negozio di calzature: l’allarme mette in fuga i ladri

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