Theft and robberies in downtown Palermo, friars organize a torchlight procession

A torchlight procession to illuminate the area around Palermo’s central station, still in the dark and plagued by thefts, robberies, and assaults. The event, organized by the friars of the Church of Sant’Antonino on December 21 at 9 pm, aims to improve the area’s conditions and promote civic coexistence. The procession will start from Via Torino and end in Piazza Sant’Antonino, followed by a public assembly. The initiative is supported by the owner of a bar who has been a victim of multiple thefts and aims to raise awareness about the neighborhood’s livability and security, urging the presence of law enforcement. The participation of everyone is crucial for a new season of legality and beauty.

Furti e rapine in centro a Palermo, i frati organizzano una fiaccolata

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