The Prevaricators, the Overpowered, the Chloroformed: Pino Scorciapino Reveals the Secrets of Contemporary History

The new book “I prevaricatori, i sopraffatti, i cloroformizzati” by Pino Scorciapino was presented on June 23rd in Troina. The book will be available in national bookstores from July 8th. This is Scorciapino’s fifteenth published volume. The book covers various topics such as international politics, conflicts, disarmament, and more. Scorciapino wanted to focus on different themes and issues in this collection of his writings. He addresses topics like migration, racism, healthcare issues, the impact of COVID-19, unemployment, environmental concerns, and the effects of e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Alibaba. Scorciapino also discusses the influence of smartphones and social media on society. He emphasizes the importance of not turning a blind eye to these issues and encourages readers to take action.