The PD: “Thinking of turning a portion of Trapani province into a nuclear waste dump is madness”

The idea of ​​turning part of the territory of the province of Trapani into a nuclear waste dump is madness within madness. Not only because the identified areas, Calatafimi Segesta and Fulgatore, are of great agricultural and tourist value, but also because transferring the waste to Sicily by sea would mean an unjustifiable cost increase. It would also increase the risk of environmental pollution, causing unimaginable damage. Regional secretary of the Pd Anthony Barbagallo, national deputy Giovanna Iacono and Trapanese deputy Dario Safina expressed their outrage after the National Agency for the Safety of Nuclear Waste (Cnai) identified the province of Trapani as a suitable area for the deposit. They emphasized that the decision is disrespectful of previous objections and would harm the agricultural and tourism potential of the area. They urged the government to take a firm stance against this absurd decision to prevent further damage to Sicily.

Il Pd: «Pensare di trasformare una porzione della provincia di Trapani in una discarica di rifiuti nucleari è follia»

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