The Crocodile of San Giovanni Gemini comes alive in Lo Scrudato: The story in his latest book.

The content discusses an interesting event related to the release of the book “Il Sicario” by Vito Lo Scrudato. In one of the chapters, a fictional sighting of an alligator in Germany is mentioned. Strangely enough, a few days after the book presentation in San Giovanni Gemini, a real alligator sighting is reported in the same area, causing panic among the population. The author finds it incredible that fiction seemed to have come to life. The book itself revolves around a hitman who begins to doubt himself after a botched assassination and explores his complicated relationships and personal struggles. Vito Lo Scrudato, the author, is a literature professor and school principal in Palermo with several published works.

Il coccodrillo di San Giovanni Gemini uscito dalle pagine di Lo Scrudato? La storia nel suo ultimo libro

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