The cement wall next to Lombardia Castle in Enna has been demolished

The cement wall, built as part of the redevelopment project of the Lombardia Castle in Enna, has been demolished. The bulldozer went into action in the afternoon and destroyed the construction that was built only a few weeks ago. The decision was made by the Enna Superintendence, which had expressed its dissatisfaction with the construction of that wall near the monumental property.

Many associations, archaeologists, and citizens opposed the construction of the wall. SiciliaAntica in Enna had denounced that among the planned interventions there would also be the construction of a tower, also in cement, to connect the outside with a courtyard of the Castle, to be transformed into an outdoor theater. “The creation of walls that impact – as stated by Sandro Amata, archaeologist and president of SiciliaAntica in Enna – with the facade of the monument, which is one with the rock base on which it stands, the introduction of thousands of cubic meters of concrete, and finally the finishing, with white marble from Custonaci, in addition to representing a heavy intrusion of materials foreign to the nature of the places, will change the appearance of the entire area, compromising it forever.”

After that statement, the Superintendence intervened. Superintendent Angelo Di Franco sent a note to the Municipality, ordering the demolition of the wall. The situation has divided the city, creating a political clash. On one side, the opposition, with the Democratic Party at the forefront, criticized the work, calling into question the Municipality and, subsequently, the administration of Mayor Dipietro. On the other hand, political forces closer to the mayor, such as FdI and Mpa, accused the Democratic Party of political maneuvering, in view of the elections next year.

“The outcome of the concrete wall incident – says Amata – beyond the clash of ideas, leaves us satisfied. The sensitivity and professionalism shown by the Superintendence ensured that our denunciation did not go unnoticed, and above all, it demonstrates that it was justified by reasons of protection and decorum of the monument.”

A Enna abbattuto il muro in cemento a ridosso del Castello di Lombardia

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