The bosses of Gela, the Kalashnikov, and the alliance with the Polistena ‘ndrina

The article talks about the rise of Giuseppe Tasca, a member of the Cosa Nostra mafia in Gela, who became the leader of the organization after his release from prison in 2018. The police operation, named “Ianus,” revealed close connections between the Cosa Nostra in Gela and the ‘ndrangheta in Calabria, specifically the Longo clan in Polistena. It was also discovered that weapons were being supplied to the Gela mafia from individuals in Catania. The authorities highlighted the presence of a culture of violence within the mafia, with the procurator of Caltanissetta stating that Cosa Nostra is not just a business committee, but an association with a reserve of violence ready to act if necessary.

During a press conference, officials pointed out the return of mafia activities in the province of Caltanissetta after twenty years, particularly in Gela. It was revealed that there was a significant drug trafficking operation between the Gela mafia, individuals from Catania, and members of the Canicattì mafia. The investigation highlighted the ability of the Cosa Nostra in Gela to interact with other important mafia organizations in Sicily.

I boss di Gela, i kalashnikov e l’alleanza con la ‘ndrina di Polistena

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