Terrasini: crowd in Piazza Duomo for Arisa concert at the Festival of the Honest

The article talks about a crowded square in Terrasini where Arisa performed during the “Festa di li Schietti”. She enthralled the audience with her greatest hits, including “Sincerità” and “L’amore è un’altra cosa”, accompanied on the piano in a very intense and delicate performance. The article also describes the tradition of the festival, which dates back to ancient times and revolves around the lifting of a fifty-kilo bitter orange tree by a group of single men. The festival starts on Holy Saturday with a ritual involving the cutting of the tree and culminates in the tree being carried into town on a traditional Sicilian cart. The events will conclude next weekend.

Terrasini: pienone in piazza Duomo per Arisa, in concerto per la Festa di li Schietti

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