Termini Imerese Prosecutor Names Two Consultants for Casteldaccia Massacre: They will descend into the killer’s mindset.

The prosecutor of Termini Imerese has appointed consultants who, together with the firefighters’ technicians, will descend into the lifting plant where Quadrifoglio group srl partner Epifanio Alsazia and workers Roberto Raneri, Ignazio Giordano, Giuseppe Miraglia, Giuseppe La Barbera lost their lives.
The appointed consultants are Ivo Pavan, a university professor of industrial chemistry, and chemical engineer Maurizio Onofrio. They will be tasked with understanding what happened on May 6 when the workers, without protection, descended into the plant and were engulfed by gas and sewage that left them no escape. They will try to understand what turned that six-meter deep tank into a gas chamber that killed the workers.
The mobile squad agents, led by Marco Basile, will have to carry out all the investigations on the contract and establish responsibilities. From Amap, the company that commissioned the sewer cleaning works, to Tek, which won the contract, to Quadrifoglio Group, which had taken on part of the works as a subcontract.
At the moment, there are three suspects: Nicolò Di Salvo, owner of Quadrifoglio, Gaetano Rotolo, director of works at Amap, and Giovanni Anselmo, sole director of Tek Infrastrutture srl in San Cipirello. It will be necessary to understand why Rotolo, on the morning of the tragedy, opened the doors of the lifting plant to the workers who were unable to clear the blockage from the sewer. And why they descended without masks and the necessary equipment, including the tool that detects the presence of gas.
In the coming days, the lawyers representing the victims, such as Giuseppe Emanuele Greco, Ornella Cialona, and Studio 3 A, will also appoint their own consultants to participate in the irreplaceable technical investigations that will be carried out at the scene of the tragedy.

La strage di Casteldaccia, la Procura di Termini Imerese nomina due consulenti: scenderanno nella vasca killer

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