Teliri’s cable-laying ship arrives at Palermo port

The Teliri cable laying vessel (111.5 meters long and 19 meters wide) is used for cable laying and burial, as well as post-laying inspections. The vessel has three cable storage tanks with a maximum weight of 3,000 tons and is equipped with a plow for burial. The cable contains 48 optical fibers protected by a steel armor. 14 reels with a total of 908 kilometers of cable and a total weight of 979 tons were produced. Departing from South Africa, it loaded the cable at the Nordenham plant in Germany and then sailed to Naples for maintenance and checks. On September 25th, it headed to Marsala to begin laying the cable for the first Marsala-Pantelleria connection. The cable laying is done with the plow and an underwater vehicle (Rov) for burial and video recordings. The Rov can operate at a maximum depth of one thousand meters. The Teliri is accompanied by the Urbano Monti for seabed surveys and the Antonio Meucci for the preventive cleaning of the route.

La nave posacavi Teliri approda al porto di Palermo

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