Telimar sommerge di reti la De Akker e coinvolge i giovani in piscina. (62 characters)

Telimar achieved a big victory over De Akker Bologna with a score of 17-4 in the third round of the A1 water polo championship. The game, held at the Olimpica stadium in Palermo, had limited attendance due to the lack of authorization for the stands. Telimar played with the right approach and maintained a strong defense throughout the match. The American players, Hooper and Woodhead, contributed significantly to the team’s victory. With the result secured, the coach also gave opportunities to young players Falsone and Girasole. Telimar will face Rari Nantes in a challenging match in Salerno. The team is working hard and is prepared for the tough game. The coach praised the players for their performance and resilience, especially considering the absence of the captain and Marini. Telimar hopes to recover mentally and physically for the upcoming match.

Telimar sommerge di reti la De Akker e manda in vasca anche i più giovani

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