Tax fraud in Messina: One million and 300 thousand euros seized

Customs and Monopolies Agency officials executed a seizure decree for intra-community VAT fraud amounting to over 1.3 million euros, delegated by the Prosecutor’s Office of Messina. The investigations stemmed from an administrative check on the intra-community transactions of a company based in Messina, accused of “omitting any tax compliance.” The company, in an attempt to evade controls, even relocated its registered office to another region. The controlled company, lacking a real structure, was involved in the marketing of electronic equipment, mainly televisions, purchased from community companies and resold in the national territory. However, in the second stage, the payment of the tax due to the tax authorities from the customers was omitted, triggering the fraud mechanism, and the VAT declaration was not submitted, according to the Customs and Monopolies Agency.

Frode sull’Iva a Messina, sequestro da un milione e 300 mila euro

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