Syracusan entrepreneur arrested for abuse of employee

Accused of sexual violence and stalking towards an employee of his company, a 56-year-old businessman from Syracuse has been arrested and placed under house arrest with electronic monitoring. The precautionary measure was decided by the judge, at the request of the prosecution, and was carried out by the police. The investigations were conducted by the mobile squad of Syracuse, coordinated by the prosecution.

The businessman was reported by the woman who, due to the ongoing violence for months, was forced to resign and change her habits, living in a severe and lasting state of anxiety. The employer would call her to his office, apparently for professional reasons, only to harass her under the threat of imminent dismissal.

On the days when the woman did not show up for work, the suspect would send her personal messages on the company phone, in which he would not miss the opportunity to humiliate her and threaten her with dismissal, in a vulgar and authoritarian manner, well aware of the woman’s financial need.

During the investigations, numerous elements were acquired to corroborate the statements of the offended party. Numerous witnesses were also heard, and various computer contents were transcribed, all of which turned out to be crucial for contesting the charges against the suspect.

Abusi su una dipendente, arrestato un imprenditore siracusano

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