Surge in migrant arrivals, over 4 thousand in 48 hours: government plan for swift repatriation

The Italian government is planning to speed up the asylum process by establishing detention centers in hotspot regions such as Sicily and Calabria. The aim is to examine protection requests within a few weeks and expel those who are not eligible. The Interior Minister has started discussions to accelerate the process due to a recent surge in arrivals, with over 4,000 in just 48 hours. The current capacity of the Lampedusa center, for example, is 400 but it currently accommodates 3,000 people. The government’s approach is part of the Cutro decree, which also includes faster procedures for asylum requests at the border or in transit zones. The potential for detention during the accelerated procedure is introduced, with a decision by the asylum territorial commission required within 7 days of the request. If the request is rejected, the individual will be deported, in coordination with their country of origin. The new law also restricts the possibility of appealing against expulsion. The government aims to increase the number of deportations, as historically this has been a problem, with just over 3,000 carried out last year. The Justice Ministry will also assess the possibility of detaining asylum seekers in facilities that are considered holding centers. The Commissioner for Emergencies has suggested that new detention areas will be established in the same hotspot regions. The first “expulsion hotspot/hub” may be activated in Lampedusa and Crotone in Calabria is also being considered. In the meantime, the recent wave of arrivals has brought the total for the first half of the year to 65,000, a 135% increase compared to the previous year. Some humanitarian fleets, such as the Ocean Viking and the Mare Go, have arrived in Italian ports carrying small numbers of migrants due to government measures that prohibit multiple rescues and redirect NGO ships to ports further away.

Impennata degli arrivi di migranti, oltre 4 mila in 48 ore: piano del governo per rimpatri rapidi

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