Suppressed growth and inconvenience in the Aeolian Islands after the seizure of ferries, here’s what gets affected

There have been disruptions in the Aeolian Islands due to the seizure by the finance guard of six ferries belonging to Caronte & Tourist minor islands, five of which connected the archipelago. The main problems are in the supply of foodstuffs to businesses on the islands. Only one ferry, the Paolo Veronesi, departed from Milazzo this morning to reach all the islands except Panarea, which remains isolated commercially. The departure of only one ferry has left many merchants stranded in Milazzo as all the seats were quickly filled. Several ferry connections for today and tomorrow have been suspended. Another ferry, the Laurana, remains active in the Aeolian Islands.

Corse soppresse e disagi alle Eolie dopo il sequestro dei traghetti, ecco quali saltano

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