Strike for wages and workplace safety: Cgil and Uil march with Bombardieri in Siracusa

Second of the five strike days called by Uil and Cgil. The workers of Sicily will be on strike for 8 hours today, Monday, November 20, except for those who already struck on November 17. In Syracuse, the demonstration will include a march and will be concluded by the general secretary of Cgil Sicilia, Alfio Mannino, and the national general secretary of Uil, Pierpaolo Bombardieri. Low wages, precarious job security, and loss of purchasing power are the main issues highlighted by the protest organizers. They are demanding that the government focuses on restoring the purchasing power of workers, as well as addressing job security and safety. They assert that Sicily cannot bear the weight of the government’s maneuvers and that urgent action is needed to address the lack of future prospects and the worsening economic conditions. The strike is seen as a call for the world of work to be a protagonist for change. Additionally, tax reform and pension policies are also criticized. The leaders of the protest stress the urgent need for new development and employment policies to combat social and territorial inequalities in the interest of workers, pensioners, and young generations in Sicily.

Salari e sicurezza sul lavoro: seconda giornata di sciopero, a Siracusa corteo Cgil e Uil con Bombardieri

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