Start of lightning-fast hiring procedures in Sicilian municipalities: here are the ones that have already joined.

Applications are open until June 25 for the unique selection of 37 lists of suitable profiles for graduates, diploma holders, and skilled workers, from which the over 300 Sicilian municipalities already affiliated with Asmel, the Association for subsidiarity and modernization of local authorities, can also draw from, which currently has over 4,470 members throughout Italy. The recruitment procedure outlined in the 2021 Recruitment Decree is a smart hiring system that has revolutionized the recruitment of personnel in Italian local authorities by reducing the long timelines of traditional competitions. The procedure, already tested by over 700 Asmel entities, 60 of which are in Sicily, allows for hiring in just 5 weeks by calling candidates on the lists through invitations and conducting a single selection test. Sicilian municipalities were among the first users of this innovative recruitment procedure, which they describe as an effective solution to promptly meet the personnel needs. Among these are the municipalities that have already hired using this procedure in 2022, such as Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, Augusta, Niscemi, Biancavilla, Buseto Palizzolo, Francofonte, Pedara, Viagrande, Nicolosi, Caltavuturo, Petralia Sottana, Rodì Milici, Torregrotta, and Castel Di Lucio. The novelty of the third extensive notice mainly concerns the quantity of profiles from the former category B, such as experienced operators like traffic assistants, administrative technical assistants, accounting administrative assistants, maintenance technical assistants, as well as carpenters, gardeners, masons, and many others. All roles explicitly requested by municipalities in recent months. Candidates who are deemed suitable after passing a telematic test will be included in the lists and will be able to participate in Invitations. In 2023, 117,000 applications from across Italy were processed, with 60% of candidates aged between 31 and 40. 545 suitable candidates have already been hired, and an additional 370 procedures for hiring are currently underway in the local authorities affiliated with Asmel. For the third extensive notice, candidates can apply for one or more profiles via the platform

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