Spezia-Palermo: the only victory for rosa in Liguria… 92 years ago

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Negative balance at the Picco, slightly positive in the overall reckoning. The previous matches between Spezia and Palermo smile at both teams, depending on the points of view. Ligurians and Sicilians practically share the statistics with a slight advantage in favor of Palermo. The overall balance of the previous matches counts 18 matches with a clear predominance of the draw, achieved 9 times. Then, 5 victories for Palermo against 4 for Spezia.

Speaking of draws, unforgettable is the one from the first half of the season at the Renzo Barbera. Guests ahead 2-0 thanks to the goals of Reca and Esposito, the Bianconeri were reached first by Mancuso’s goal and then by the splendid free-kick goal scored by Stulac at the 104th minute. A roar of joy from the Rosanero people, who filled the stands of the Barbera with 30 thousand people, which the Spezia coach himself defined as “unforgettable.”

However, the balance changes drastically when analyzing the matches that the two teams have played at Picco in Spezia. In this case, the hosts play the leading role with 3 wins out of 8 matches played. Then, 4 draws and only one victory for Palermo, as far back as 92 years ago, achieved in 1932. Spezia and Palermo are two companies that have been battling since the Thirties. The only time the Rosanero managed to win at Picco was thanks to the goals of Banchero and Ruffino for the final 2-1 in favor of the guests. At the end of the year, Palermo managed to obtain the first promotion to Serie A, a category in which it remained for 4 seasons. Back in the Serie B in 1935-36, the Rosanero managed to snatch another 1-1 from the Bianconeri. Goals by Calzolai for the hosts and Di Falco for the guests. In the following years, two consecutive defeats arrived (1-0 in 1937-38, 3-0 in 1938-39). Not even the Palermo of Iachini’s record, the 2013/14 season, managed to come out unscathed from La Spezia: 1-0 for the Bianconeri due to Munoz’s own goal (Gattuso was still on the bench as a coach). The last two previous matches, on the other hand, ended in a draw. In the 2017-2018 season, it ended 0-0, while in the following season, 1-1: Palermo’s advantage with Falletti (the goal in the photo) and Ligurian’s draw with Capradossi.

In short, the match between Spezia and Palermo is one where balance reigns supreme, and the 5 seasons of absence from the last match do not help to understand the real differences between the two teams, now vying for different goals that will certainly be influenced by today’s final result. A draw, as happened in 50% of the matches, may not serve either of the two teams.

Spezia-Palermo: l’unica vittoria dei rosa in Liguria… 92 anni fa

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