Society requests three more months for environmental impact, Anti-Bridge Committee uncovers bluff.

The Stretto di Messina company, as part of the ongoing environmental impact assessment process, in agreement with the general contractor Eurolink, has decided to request a 120-day suspension of the deadline for the submission of the additional documentation requested, which will now be delivered by mid-September 2024. CEO Pietro Ciucci explained that this decision reflects the company’s commitment to providing timely and comprehensive responses to requests for clarifications and additions.

On the other hand, the Messina Committee criticized the project, calling it an empty box and accusing the company of asking for more time to respond to the commission’s observations. They believe that the project is unrealistic and that it has been exposed as a failure.

La società Stretto di Messina chiede al Mase tre mesi in più per l’impatto ambientale, il Comitato anti ponte: smascherato il grande bluff

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