Sister’s house set on fire in Vittoria: three critically burnt, Tunisian man on the run

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“A man attempted a family massacre and then fled in a fire nightmare in Vittoria. The man, a Tunisian who was a guest in his sister’s house in Piazza Unità, set off the alarm from the residents of the area as flames and smoke filled the street just before three o’clock. The man allegedly started the fire with an improvised torch, a stick with a cloth soaked in flammable liquid. The fire quickly spread, engulfing furniture and belongings. The woman, her husband, and their child who lived in the apartment were unable to escape in time and suffered serious burns.

They were rescued by firefighters and paramedics from 118 who arrived on the scene shortly after. All three suffered severe burns and were taken to hospitals in Ragusa and Vittoria, but were then transferred to the Cannizzaro Burn Center in Catania. The building suffered extensive damage, with ceilings and false ceilings destroyed by the intense heat.

Police are also on the scene searching for the Tunisian man who has since disappeared. Initial information suggests that the man was temporarily living with his sister but there had been strong tensions in recent times.”

Incendia la casa della sorella a Vittoria e scappa: tre ustionati in gravissime condizioni, caccia a un tunisino

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