Sister stabbed during street fight in Catania, suspect arrested

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At the height of a quarrel, due to ancient family resentments, she grabbed a knife and repeatedly struck her 23-year-old sister in various parts of the body, after the sister had attempted to run her over with a car and strike her with a baseball bat. This is the accusation made by the police in Catania against a 47-year-old woman who has been arrested for aggravated assault and reported in freedom for carrying weapons or objects capable of causing harm. The Prosecutor’s Office, pending the hearing before the judge for validation, has ordered the woman to be placed under house arrest. The investigations were initiated by officers from the Police Department who intervened at the emergency room of San Marco Hospital where a 23-year-old woman had arrived with wounds from a cutting weapon on her biceps, right forearm, and lower abdomen. While the officers were trying to reconstruct what had happened, the 47-year-old sister called the Police Department’s operations room explaining that she was the one, at the height of a violent quarrel, who had stabbed her sister and then thrown the weapon in a flowerbed, which was later recovered by the police. During the reconstruction of the events, the officers determined that between the two sisters, who had a very poor relationship, a street fight had erupted. In particular, the injured woman had first tried to run over her sister and then strike her with a baseball bat. The 47-year-old had taken out a kitchen knife that she had brought with her and had repeatedly stabbed her sister in multiple points, causing injuries.

Accoltella la sorella durante una lite in strada a Catania, arrestata

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