Sisal inaugurates new IT Hub in Palermo: seeking digital talents

The new IT Hub of Sisal has been inaugurated in Palermo, as part of the company’s strategy to invest in digital skills and talents in order to enhance the use of new technologies and support long-term growth. Sisal’s approach includes partnering with Edgemony, a leading company in digital training, to select personnel for the hub. The company is constantly promoting job offers in the fields of devops and software development on Edgemony’s website and social channels. The collaboration with universities, such as the University of Palermo, is also highlighted. Sisal’s Chief Technology Officer emphasizes the company’s commitment to innovation and building a network of digital talents. The partnership with Edgemony aims to train and enhance local digital talents, creating opportunities to work with major technology companies like Sisal. Sisal plans to further invest in digital skills and attract talents focused on digital innovation to offer cutting-edge products and services.

Sisal, inaugurato il nuovo Hub IT a Palermo: si cercano talenti digitali

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