Sicily bets on cinema, Region ready to welcome and finance film productions

The article talks about Sicily being ready to welcome film productions. The President of the Sicilian Region, Renato Schifani, mentioned that Sicily has the financial, human, and cultural resources to meet the demands of the film industry and attract productions to the region. The article also mentions the upcoming event, the States General of Cinema, which will take place in Siracusa, where the President highlighted the importance of promoting Sicily as a filming location. Additionally, there is a focus on attracting tourists, including in the winter months, by showcasing the cultural and architectural heritage of Sicily. The article also mentions the Minister of Culture’s support for films that tell the story of national identity, with a significant budget allocated for such productions. The Minister emphasized the importance of supporting the film industry, as it represents a high-level cultural expression and provides employment opportunities.

La Sicilia scommette sul cinema, la Regione pronta ad accogliere e finanziare le produzioni di film

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