Sicilians rank lowest in Europe for GDP per capita

Far from the national threshold, far from the highest levels reached in Northern Italy, and very close, on the other hand, to the values recorded in the poorest countries in Europe. We are talking about the 288 million Gross Domestic Product created daily in the Island, and in particular about the GDP generated every 24 hours by residents in Sicily, amounting to 60 euros per capita, compared to the 99 calculated in 2024, on average, for each Italian.

The Cgia di Mestre did the math, drawing up a special ranking that sees Trentino Alto Adige at the top with 146 euros daily, followed by Lombardy (132), Valle d’Aosta (130), Emilia Romagna (119) and Veneto (111), while the Sicilian territory ranks next to last, after Campania (63 euros) and before Calabria (58).

The comparison with the EU countries is also harsh, with the GDP of the islanders overlapping with that of the less wealthy inhabitants of the European community, such as the Greeks (also at 60 euros), the Hungarians (59) and the Croats, while Romanians and Bulgarians, last in the ranking with 51 and 42 euros, are not so far from us. On the other hand, Luxembourgers, Irish, and Danes seem very distant, as they earn 336, 266, and 179 euros respectively every day from goods and services.

Pil per abitante, siciliani in fondo alla classifica dell’Europa

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