Sicilian Symphony Orchestra: Two more resignations leading to board’s decline

The Board of Directors of the Sicilian Symphony Orchestra Foundation is decaying. This was announced by the unions in a note signed by the provincial secretaries of Slc Cgil Fabio Maggio, Fistlel Cisl Francesco Assisi, Uilcom Uil Marco Scaramuzza, and Fials Cisal Antonio Barbagallo. “The trade unions have learned that today two members of the Board of Directors of the Sicilian Symphony Orchestra Foundation, out of the 4 still in office, have resigned their positions. This results in the decay of the Board of Directors as, having been without a president for some time, the administrative body loses its operativeness by statute.”

All of this, the unions add, “represents a fact even more serious than the recent resignation of Andrea Peria as superintendent, leaving the Foss headless and without a body that can even manage ordinary administration. In all of this, the Summer Season 2024 has not been presented nor has an organic allocation been approved to carry out the recruitment procedures to stabilize the orchestra professors who, on the other hand, face an uncertain future starting from next month.”

The trade unions “firmly denounce the irresponsible choice made by those members who with their resignations condemn the Foss to a period of ungovernability, showing no attention and sensitivity towards the Foundation, its employees, and the citizens, and urge a dialogue with the institutions and supervisory bodies.”

On the occasion of the upcoming concerts conducted by maestro Renzetti, on May 17th and 18th, the workers will hold a sit-in before the show, followed by a 15-minute strike “to raise awareness among the public about what is happening.”

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