Sicilian Region to Lift Ban on Waste Facilities near Urban Areas: “It Was a Mistake”

The Sicilian Region will correct the error regarding the ban on waste facilities within three kilometers of inhabited areas. Regional Energy and Waste Assessor Roberto Di Mauro admitted the mistake during an Ecoforum event in Palermo. He stated that it was an error made in good faith and that they will revoke the law in question. Certain exceptions will be made for hospitals and schools, where the limit will be reduced to one kilometer. Di Mauro emphasized the need for a new law that will be more effective in addressing waste management concerns. The current law, passed in July, has hindered the establishment of new waste facilities.

Rifiuti, la Regione Siciliana eliminerà il divieto di realizzare impianti entro i 3 km dai centri abitati: «È stato un errore»

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