Sicilian Islands: Ferries resume, but mayors and hoteliers seek clarification

After a controversial period, ferry services in the Sicilian islands are set to resume. However, mayors and hoteliers are seeking clarification from Regional President Renato Schifani and Regional Transport Assessor Alessandro Aricò. They have signed a letter expressing concerns about the lack of information regarding the routes and means of transportation. The mayors also highlight the damage caused by the disruption of maritime connections and plan to report the failed attempts to assign carriers through auctions or restricted procedures to the Authorities responsible for competition and the market. They request an urgent response regarding the resumption of services. Hoteliers also call for a technical meeting to address local needs. The president of Federalberghi Sicilian Islands, Christian Del Bono, still awaits more details before celebrating, including the configuration, means, and tariffs in the new arrangement. He emphasizes the importance of restoring all suspended services and covering the additional costs caused by recent tariff increases. He also urges the reconsideration of compensations for those who have been affected by the recent price hikes on essential goods. Overall, all parties stress the need for comprehensive solutions and fair treatment for the local communities.

Isole di Sicilia: ripartono le navi, ma i sindaci e gli albergatori chiedono chiarimenti

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