Shots fired on La Lumia Street, three Daspo issued in Palermo

The police chief of Palermo issued three “Dacur Willy” measures against three young people who took part in a violent brawl last December in via La Lumia, at the height of via Gaetano Daita. One of them also fired some gunshots.

The ban prohibits the recipients from accessing certain public places for a period of three years and from transiting and staying in the area of events, where several nightlife venues are located, and for two of them the ban has been extended to all public entertainment venues and establishments licensed by the police chief of Palermo for dance/shows in the entire province.

The young man who fired the gun was also required to report to the police offices on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Last February, as a result of investigative activities, an order for the application of precautionary measures was executed by the carabinieri against three of the participants in the violent action, who are under investigation for aggravated brawl and one of them, identified as the young man who used the gun, was also charged with the offense of carrying and using a firearm in public.

Colpi d’arma da fuoco in via La Lumia, tre Daspo a Palermo

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