Seven illegal stables and twelve horses seized in Catania’s San Cristoforo district

Seven clandestine stables and twelve horses were seized by the police in the San Cristoforo district of Catania. The authorities also found poor hygiene conditions on the premises. The owners were fined a total of 44,500 euros. The checks were carried out by officers from the San Cristoforo police station and the crime prevention unit, with the support of police dog units, mounted police, local police patrols, and veterinarians from the local health authority. During the road checks, 180 people were identified, 61 of whom had previous criminal records, 98 vehicles were inspected, and 17 traffic violations were issued, with fines totaling over 7,000 euros and the seizure of 5 uninsured vehicles. Two businesses, a rotisserie and a bakery, were also fined a total of 5,000 euros for violating hygiene regulations.

Catania, sotto sequestro sette stalle clandestine e dodici cavalli nel rione San Cristoforo

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