Serious car and tractor crash near Siracusa, Italy: Man hospitalized in critical condition

Another serious road accident occurred in the Siracusa area. This morning, around 7 am, a terrible head-on collision occurred between a tractor traveling on the SS 124 road between Floridia and Siracusa, and a Nissan traveling in the opposite direction. The impact was strong, so much so that the man driving the car was found outside the vehicle by a security company operator who provided assistance, while the tractor driver reportedly fled the scene, prompting an investigation by the Carabinieri. The driver of the Nissan was transported to the hospital in Siracusa in serious condition by emergency personnel, and the prognosis is reserved.

Incidente tra Siracusa e Floridia, frontale tra auto e un trattore: un uomo gravissimo in ospedale

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