Sequester six tons of GPL, two prosecuted in Palermo

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Financial police from the provincial command of Palermo have seized 5960 kilograms of LPG in 563 cylinders in two operations. The LPG containers, “stacked” in unsuitable and poorly ventilated premises – says the Gdf – are attributable to two Palermo companies that, although lacking the necessary authorizations for the sale of explosive products, were retailing the fuel for domestic use.

At the conclusion of the operations, considering the quantities found and the proximity of the “warehouses” to some residential buildings, the Fiamme Gialle (financial police) reported the owners of the commercial activities for illegal possession of explosive material, operating without a license and without having made the necessary communications to the authority. One of the two operators has been reported for smuggling.

Sequestrate sei tonnellate di Gpl, due denunciati a Palermo

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