Selinunte Tragedy: Abdel recalls “Feared the Sea, Two Days without Water and Food”

Abdel, a 16-year-old migrant, recounts his harrowing journey from North Africa to Sicily. He and 12 others survived a treacherous three-day boat ride, paying 9,000 dinars for the crossing. Upon reaching the coast, their boat tipped, and they were instructed to jump into the water. While some managed to swim to land, others were not as fortunate. Abdel is currently staying at a center managed by the Red Cross in Castelvetrano, along with six other migrants. They have not eaten or slept for two nights. Abdel mentions that there were also two women among their group. He has already been questioned by the police and will now stay at the Castelvetrano center before being transferred to a minor’s community.

La tragedia di Selinunte, Abdel: «Il mare faceva paura, per due giorni senza acqua e cibo»

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