Seized assets worth one and a half million from a Custonaci company for bankruptcy and money laundering

Fraudulent bankruptcy and self-laundering: with these accusations, the finance police of the provincial command of Trapani, upon the order of the prosecutor’s office, carried out the preventive seizure of the shares and assets of a company in Custonaci active in the marble processing sector, owned by the three suspects. Investigations revealed the diversion of instrumental assets owned by the 2022 bankrupt company to a new company with the same shareholders and legal and operational headquarters coinciding with the one that went bankrupt. With this scheme, a bankruptcy liability of approximately 1.25 million euros was accumulated, mainly owed to the Treasury for unpaid tax and contribution debts. Considering that the assets diverted from the bankruptcy estate were reintroduced into the economic circuit, the offense of self-laundering is also established, with proceeds estimated at over 1.5 million euros.

Bancarotta e riciclaggio, sequestrate quote per un milione e mezzo a una società di Custonaci

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