Sea turtle arrives at Lipari beach to nest, but leaves due to crowded conditions.

The article discusses the arrival of a large sea turtle on the beach of Acquacalda in Lipari, Italy, likely there to nest. However, the turtle is deterred by the presence of too many people and returns to the sea. Experts believe it is a Caretta caretta turtle making nesting attempts in the area. Conservationists are mobilizing to monitor and protect the nesting efforts of the turtle, with volunteers collaborating with authorized researchers to ensure the safety of the nests. The initiative is part of a larger project aimed at promoting awareness and conservation of marine species and environments in the region. Students participating in training sessions will also receive academic credits for extracurricular activities.

Su una spiaggia di Lipari arriva la tartaruga marina per nidificare, ma c’è troppa gente e torna in acqua

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