Scicli: Breakthrough in investigation of 40-year-old found dead at home – ruled a homicide.

After the autopsy carried out on the body of the forty-year-old Giuseppe Ottaviano, whose lifeless body was found in his home on Sunday, May 12th on Via Manenti, in Scicli, investigators are following the murder trail. “The initial results of the autopsy have highlighted further traumas suffered by the victim, in addition to those already identified during the first examination of the body where two head wounds and a nasal septum fracture were immediately detected. The serious injuries found on Ottaviano’s body, which also resulted in the breaking of 4 ribs and a skull fracture, rule out the possibility of an accidental event or self-inflicted traumas,” the carabinieri say. According to some accounts from neighbors, Peppe, as everyone called him, parked his Audi Q3 on Saturday night and never came out. On Sunday evening, some of the man’s relatives turned to the carabinieri who discovered the corpse. The investigations are being coordinated by substitute prosecutor Silvia Giarrizzo.

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